Sunday, September 15, 2019

There is no one standard definition of an accuracy non-functional requirement. It will be defined for each project where it needs to be specified. This principle is true of all non-functional requirements.

For the purposes of this article an accuracy non-functional requirement is any requirement that is not a functional, data or process requirement concerned with defining the precision which the solution will record or produce data.

The ‘definition’ may be ambiguous. That is not material to the success of the project. What is material is that all requirements (including non-functional) are captured and progressed. This definition means what it needs to mean to the project that are defining the requirements. For the purposes of this article, it means specifying how unambiguous and correct the data will be that is recorded in the solution and produced by solution.

One general point about accuracy requirements that in principle applies to all requirements anyway: quite often the accuracy requirement will be stated as "The solution needs to be 100% accurate". There are issues with this requirement in that...

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